About us

CardAurora helps customer sell gift cards anytime, anywhere.
CardAurora emerged to break the limits of time and space, it's a tool created to provide convenience to people.

Since 2018, from one person's idea to a professional and skilled team. We worked hard for countless days and nights and were created to provide an efficient and convenient platform for customers to sell gift cards.

CardAurora has the best offer in the market and has received nearly 500K customers since its establishment and completed orders of up to 2 million. Today, we are confident to show our achievements to you. But our steps would never stop, will always firm our original ideal, and try our best to make customers' ideal into reality.

CardAurora Team

A good tool cannot be separated from an excellent team behind it. We were a team from China, which began in 2018. All we have are four computers, three people, and our big ambition, CardAurora was born. Today, our team has grown from 3 to 100 people and moved from small rooms to the best office buildings downtown.

We have always believed that as long as we sincerely do one thing, we will be able to get rewards. We gathered elites from all over the country, and went through layers of selection, in order to create a professional team, not only good technology, the most important thing is that our values should be consistent.

We stick to our original intention and never stop.

Our mission

What is the most important thing for a team? Not exquisite technology or professional staff, is the core value. It's like our heart, it drives the beat of the whole team. Lose it, we will lose everything.

"Our goal is to create a truly useful tool for our customers to help more people succeed in their business."

A brief history of CardAurora

  • CardAurora was founded in 2018. On WhatsApp, we received our first customer and completed our first successful transaction.
  • CardAurora is gradually recognized, we started accepting 50 kinds of cards and receive more than 100k customers.
  • With the prosperity of CardAurora, Our team has become stronger. We transformed into a brand new platform that makes selling your gift cards an easy and safe process. So we created our own trading site.
  • CardAurora is working day and night to create the best gift card trading App. More choices, just to provide you with more convenience.

Why Choose CardAurora?

  • 4 Years Establishment

    We have operated honestly for 4 years with a clean record. Our rich experience has brought us great reviews.

  • 101% Security

    More reliable than 100%. We have a top security system, your gift cards and funds are under our sturdy umbrella.
    Everything you fear doesn't exist in CardAurora.

  • Instant Payment

    Sell your gift cards for more cash in short time. There is no excuse for the delay, just to give you the fastest experience ever.

  • 24/7 Available

    Sincere and high-quality service to every customer, which is why people keep coming back.

  • Easy-to-use for everyone

    Life is hard enough, we can't stress ourselves out in any way. We've thrown away the complexity, and here we have simplicity and convenience.

  • Two ways to trade

    You can trade on our App, not App lover? You can also contact our WhatsApp customer service to make a transaction, whatever you like!

Everyone who uses it says yes

  • This is the best site to sell gift cards, they are safe and fast.

  • These guys are honest and I like trading with them. I've been trading with them for over a year
  • Their trading process is simple and fast, I love it!